Designing and Manufacturing Equipment

No-Dig technologies require specially designed equipment and machinery. Concerning these equipment reliability and excellent quality in the long run are indispensable besides the simple and easy-to-use design. When constructing these equipment we use all the expertise that we gained during installations. The technology, our suppliers and our experience ensure that the equipment we design and assemble are fit to the demand, easy-to-use and have long lifetime.


ULTRAGUN - Liner Shooter

In case of Process-Phoenix during installation a specially (for the project) designed and manufactured liner impregnated with resin is inverted into the host pipe. Polymerization and curing of the resin is ensured by introducing steam or hot water into the system. 

The cardinal question of Process-Phoenix technology is the inversion drum. The amount of the liner that can be wound up into the drum is determined by the size of the inversion drum.  This means that the length of the pipe sections to be rehabilitated in one step, therefore the number of trenches to be dug out is determined by the size of the inversion drum.

It has already happened that the host pipe could have been rehabilitated with less and longer sections in one go if they could have used a much bigger inversion drum or an equipment capable of limitless inversion of the liner.

The longer sections require less trenches, therefore the whole project needs less earth work, needs less time and has much less costs. All these formulated the demand for the development of such an inversion equipment that is able to invert an impregnated liner regardless of its diameter and length.

After the detailed analysis of the problems occurred and adding the more than twenty years of experience in the field of No-Dig pipe rehabilitations, and collecting all pieces of information on the new demand the new inversion equipment ULTRAGUN capable of inverting impregnated liners regardless of length.

The target was to develop such an inversion equipment that due to its tight and specially divided inner space ensures the continuous inversion of a liner regardless of diameter and length.

There are only a few equipment alike in the market. These can be grouped into two categories: those that invert the liner sectionally and those that can invert the liner continuously. The maximum length of a liner that the sectionally operating equipment can invert in one go is 4m.  The equipment from the other category can invert the liners continuously but the maximum pressure they can operate with is 0,5-0,6 bar, which is only enough for liners with polyurethane coating and with smaller diameters.

Throughout the development process of ULTRAGUN we were not just focusing on the limitations of the CIPP technologies but also on the weaknesses of existing inversion equipment. As a result of a long term planning and designing, ULTRAGUN was created and serves as a firm solution to the problems of most of the CIPP technologies discussed earlier, moreover it is one of the first equipment to be able to invert pressure liners used for the rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

ULTRAGUN has such a multi-space structure due to the tight and special division of its inner space that enables the equipment to invert liners of any kind regardless of diameter and length even at 4 bar pressure, which is known as the best inverting pressure possible. Currently there are two types of ULTRAGUN existing for 200mm and 600mm diameters: ULTRAGUN-200 and ULTRAGUN-600.

With ULTRAGUN longer sections can be relined in one step, which can shorten the total time spent on the relining project (sometimes even with 15%), moreover this can result in at least 50% less earthwork.

The advantages of Ultragun

  • inversion of longer impregnated liners
  • less number of trenches required
  • less earthwork
  • faster construction in total
  • less space needed
  • lower costs
  • possibility to check the liner under pressure before installation
  • multifunctional usage: production of multilayered liner before impregnation, combined relining of large diameter pipes