An Ambitious Renovation Project in Hungary

A DN 600 wastewater pipe needed to be renovated at the BorsodChem Zrt. chemical plant in Hungary, which produces plastic raw materials. First, a hose liner installed at an earlier point was removed, since it did not have an adequate thickness or chemical resistance for the plant’s current needs. The rehabilitation project was implemented by Agriapipe Ltd, a Hungarian no-dig construction company. The new DN 580 liner that was installed had a total length of 123 m, consisting of two pieces measuring 105 m and 18 m in length. The work was performed between Gate 4 and the truck parking lot. Because of the predominant media, i.e. industrial organic wastewater with pH values from pH 2 to pH 10 and average temperatures from 40 °C – with peak values of up to 60 °C depending on the composition of the wastewater – correspondingly durable materials needed to be used. I.S.T.’s 2-component Easy Pox 689 TW epoxy resin was used to impregnate the polyester needle felt hose liner, since it met the necessary parameters. Between July 25 and August 3, 2015, the two pieces were installed during the annual maintenance shutdown, using calibration hoses – partly pulled in and partly inserted using an inversion drum, then quickly and carefully cured using hot steam. The high resistance of the Easy Pox 689 TW to introduced media with temperatures of up to 80 °C will thus ensure long-term disruption-free operation of the renovated wastewater line in the future.