Sewer Rehabilitation Using Green Technology

The whole work was finished in four months while a construction using open trenches would have lasted half a year at least. During the rehabilitation the „Pozsonyi Picnic” could have been organized with several thousand participants. While people were dancing in the street we were working underground and we also had to operate the main sewer. The work area was also in the way of the Spar Budapest Marathon but due to the technology the event was undisturbed. Restaurants, shops and businesses in the Pozsonyi street could also operate according to their regular schedules. The works did not cause any problem to people living and working in the street and there was no traffic stoppage either.

Using „green” technology is also important regarding sustainable development. The lining method we are using allow the coordination of social, economic and environmental interests. (People-Planet-Profit model)

„This year for all the work we had performed the board awarded the „Greenovation Grand Prize” in the construction industry to our company which is an outstanding recognition – said Zoltán Varga. The feedback from the market and the profession is very important as this is how we get to know if we are on the good track.”  

Certainly, trenchless construction technologies also evolve at a rapid pace. These changes are being tracked and we also work on our own developments. We would like to offer our customers the most recent, the most economical and the most eco-friendly technologies. As an example I could mention the new lining technology that we have recently used  - in cooperation with the CanalCom Kft – for the first time in Hungary. The main point of the procedure is that when rehabilitating the sewer we insert a double liner of a special shape providing  enough space for telecommunication wires besides static reinforcement. Using this method the utility pipe will be rehabilitated and the cables can easily  and quickly be pulled into the sewer without digging trenches.

„I do hope that in the near future there is going to be a growing demand  for  „green” technologies” – confirmed Zoltán Varga General Manager of Agriapipe Kft.